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Home » Key Differences Between Ambulance Services and Nonemergency Medical Transportation
August 23, 2023

Key Differences Between Ambulance Services and Nonemergency Medical Transportation

For those with specific health care requirements or disabilities who can’t drive themselves to get necessary medical diagnosis and treatment, ambulances and nonemergency medical transportation companies may help. Although both can serve patients who cannot travel independently, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

Emergency vs. Nonemergency Needswhite and red car on road during night time

The primary distinction between ambulances and nonemergency medical transport lies in the circumstances and conditions that necessitate their use. Ambulances are typically dispatched in urgent scenarios requiring rapid response and speedy transit, including heart attacks, strokes, car crashes or other grave injuries or illnesses.

Arrangement Processes

The way each of these services is organized also marks a substantial difference. To call an ambulance, one dials 911 and explains the emergency. There is no need for previous approval or prolonged waiting time. An ambulance travels to the nearest emergency medical department in most cases. Ambulance services do not typically provide transportation to a doctor’s office.

Nonemergency medical transportation is planned. To organize a nonemergency medical trip, one selects the service provider, makes an appointment and arranges for a ride to and from the appointment.

Cost Factors

Generally speaking, ambulance service comes with a higher price tag, although it’s common for health insurance to cover part or all of the expense. Nonemergency medical transportation might be covered by insurance, but there could also be situations where payment is required from the individual.

Insurance for Ambulance Services and Nonemergency Medical Transportation Providers

Nonemergency medical transportation providers and ambulance services operate in a specialized and potentially high-risk environment, so they must have adequate insurance coverage to protect against various liabilities.

In most states, companies that use vehicles to conduct business must maintain minimum auto liability insurance coverage. Depending on the type of vehicles used, federal regulations about insurance coverage may also apply.

Specific insurance needs vary based on location, the types of services offered, the size of the company and local regulations. Your agent may recommend various policies and endorsements, including commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, professional liability insurance and more. An experienced agent can help ensure that all necessary coverages are in place for either a nonemergency medical transportation provider or ambulance service.

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