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March 20, 2020

Primary Liability vs General Liability

I am asked all the time what is the difference between Primary Liability and General liability Insurance? So, below is why you should carry both and protect yourself from those unforeseeable accidents that can’t be avoided.

Primary Liability Insurance

This type of coverage is required by law in order to drive your commercial vehicle on the road. Primary liability is the most popular coverage offered by trucking insurance companies because it is mandatory for truckers to carry this insurance. It covers you for any injuries or damages your truck may cause while on the road. For instance, if you are driving and hit another car on the highway, this is what protects you and covers the cost of damage to the other car. 

General Liability insurance

Should an accident occur that does not take place while you are on the road, behind the wheel, you will be covered by general liability insurance. Frequently Truckers ask

Why do I need General Liability?”

An example of General Liability Coverage is: It covers negligent actions of a driver while on the premises of others; loading docks, truck stops, etc. Another example would be the Loading and unloading; before it is picked up and after it is unloaded while being moved by a mechanical forklift. Learn more about general liability insurance.


You park your trailer out back in the lot and some kids are cutting through your lot and decide to jump up on the trailer and play. Then one jumps off and breaks his leg! The parents can still hold you responsible even though they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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